The Organizing Committee of the Festival dedicates the Fest-2018 to the 70th anniversary of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaimed respect for Human Dignity, universality and the fundamental nature of Human Rights and Freedoms. The Festival will be conducted in Bishkek from 12 to 16 November 2018.

The principles and values of the Declaration give us inspiration and strength to continue our work, find opportunities and expand the wide platform for bringing together like-minded people to participate equally in the decision-making process at all levels of government. However, despite the successes achieved, according to the head of the UN, the fundamental principles of the Universal Declaration have not yet been translated into reality worldwide. “In practice, recognition of inherent dignity and equal human rights is still not universal. Millions of people around the world are still suffering from violations of their rights... ", the head of the UN said. He condemned the persecution of human rights defenders and the practice of narrowing the space for civil society activities. The Secretary General assured that the protection of human dignity and fundamental rights will continue to be the basis of the entire UN system.

We are proud of the fact, that for several years now this has been not just a project, but also a joint volunteer-based, creative preparation of the components of the Festival by like-minded people, activists, artists and human rights activists. We are looking for new approaches, innovative ways for sustainable development in such a rapidly changing global world, through constant consultations and exchange of ideas for the development of annual festival programs.

We are grateful to all the officials at various levels, national solidarity networks, regional and international organizations that provide short-term support for the technical and organizational activities of the components of the Festival. We are heartened by the recognition of the mission and values of the Festival by businessmens of the country and officials supporting and promoting human rights and freedoms on a daily basis. Community radio stations and local activists, including remote villages and mountainous regions of the country, support the Festival.

“The festival is notable for its availability, active involvement of the youth from all the regions that sincerely and honestly shares its impressions during the screenings. The Festival is a cross-section of life, reflection of modernity, when the audience is looking for answers to the questions: “What is our current situation?”, “Where are we going?”, “What are our expectations?” It brings people together, unites and inspires them...
This is a great opportunity to see foreign films, talk with the directors, share opinions and hear what other people have to say”. Sahira Nazarova, Osh city.

This year the Festival will be devoted to the following subject: “For human dignity! 70 years of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

On 10 December 1948, the General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a guideline that all Member States should follow. This document proclaims the interdependence of civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights that are inherent in every person. “For more than seven decades, this crucial document has contributed to profound changes in our world. It stated the equality and dignity of all people. It obliges all governments to guarantee every person respect for his/her inalienable rights and freedoms. And this document proclaims the universality of all human rights”, said the head of the UN. He stressed that, according to the Universal Declaration, we are all equal - no matter where we live and what our circumstances are, regardless of our position in society, gender or sexual orientation, race, religion or beliefs.

The International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights “Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan” is a broad horizontal civil participation platform, which has been raising key themes of human rights and freedoms in a changing world since 2007. In 2017, the XI International Festival of Documentary Films on Human Rights was dedicated to sustainable development goals.

Programs of the festival films screenings include discussions with viewers, expression of expert opinions and, through dialogue, assist to find joint solutions to problems that people suffer, especially vulnerable groups like children and women. All recommendations on the results of the film screenings will be sent to local authorities, national human rights institutions and solidarity networks.

We believe that 7 Innovative Workshops of the Fest-2018, which will be held under the patronage of the national and international partners of Bir Duino in different parts of Bishkek in the Fest-2018 format, where leading experts and authorities, activists and journalists will exchange experience and knowledge, set a number of key,

strategically important recommendations for finding innovative solutions to systemic violations of human rights and freedoms, will contribute to the promotion of respect for human dignity, new development policies, both related to CSOs and at the state level, to ensure equal access to policy and resources.

The slogans of the Fest-2018 are: “Today we'll change tomorrow”, “Today we work for Tomorrow!”.

We look forward to your participation in the Fest-2018.
Please, find below the Organizing Committee’s contact details:

Contacts: 0312 383330

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