In the frame of the festival, the innovation laboratories will be conducted, serving as a unique opportunity for the civil society to gain the innovative experience for the positive changes of development on national, Central Asian and international levels.

Lab “Juvenile Justice: Access to Justice ”
8 November 2017, 14:00-17:00

f1 engVenue: Plaza Hotel, 52 Togolok Moldo
Greetings: Kubat Otorbaev/ Ombudsman of the KR

Experts: Takhmina Sultanova Sabitovna/ Judge of the specialized inter-district juvenile court of Zhambyl region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Zhanna Nazarova/ International Prison Reform in Central Asia, Makhabat Turdumamatova/, Head of Department for protection of the rights of children, women and family of the Ombudsman Institute, Guljan Bekembaeva/ Expert of PF "Generation Insan", Gulnara Sheyshekeeva Santashevna/ Candidate of Legal Sciences, lawyer, deputy chairwoman of the Bar Council of Advocacy of the Kyrgyz Republic, director of PF "Law Center", UNICEF national expert on legislation and legal assistance.

Moderator: Leyla Sydykova Chynturganovna, Vice-Rector for International Activity of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University, Doctor of Juridical Science, professor.

At this lab the topics on children access to justice, as one of the aspects of social justice, results and achievements in reformation of the juvenile justice system will be covered, as well as the issues of juvenile justice in Kyrgyzstan.

The program includes discussion of measures to protect children from involvement in the criminal justice system through the use of alternative measures, successful practices and experience of Kazakhstan on cases investigated by the Juvenile Justice, as well as special measures to prevent crime and prevent juvenile delinquency, both on the part of the state and society. The juvenile judge will speak about the successful cases to adapt the positive experience in Kyrgyzstan.

Lab “Sexual violence against children”
8 November 2017, 09:00-13:00

f1 engVenue: Plaza Hotel, 52 Togolok Moldo

Experts: Zakharov K.A./ doctor, Coordinator of the Center for Social Technologies and Social Services of the Interregional Public Organization for Family, Maternity and Childhood Support "Doctors to Children" (Russia), Lidiya Mukhamedshina Nazimovna/ Head of administration of the Healthcare System of Bishkek, Larisa Ilibezova/ gender expert, PF "Center for the Study of Democratic Processes". Moderator: Konstantin Zakharov.

The problem of protecting the rights of victims of child sexual abuse, preventing the commission of crimes against them, as well as organization of the rehabilitation of children is extremely relevant and therefore merits close attention.

Participants will be presented with multidisciplinary methods and approaches to working with victims of sexual abuse to facilitate their physical and psychological rehabilitation, as well as social integration of children, in accordance with the principle of the best interests of the child. A comparative analysis of the situation and cases of violations of children's rights in Europe and Central Asia will be conducted through the screening of a documentary film.

Lab “Women, Safety, Peace and Development”
8 November 2017, 09:00-13:00

f2 engVenue: Plaza Hotel, 52 Togolok Moldo.

Experts: Anara Niyazova Natuevna/ PF "Innovative solutions", Doctor of Juridical Science, Larisa Ilibezova Kojomberdievna/ PF "Center for the Study of Democratic Processes", Tolkun Tulekova Kanibekovna/ Association of Crisis Centers, Aidarkul Kaana/ chairwoman of the Women's Association of the Security, Law and Order Sector, retired militia colonel, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Asel Osmonova Saypidinovna/ adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, militia colonel, Candidate of Legal Sciences, Jamilya Kaparova Murzaevna/ expert of PF "Ensan Diamond", "Women Peacemakers" network. Moderator: Gulsara Aliyeva Midinovna.

Women are main stakeholders in conflict prevention, peacemaking and peacekeeping for sustainable development. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (2000) marks an important milestone in recognizing the contribution of women to the maintenance and promotion of peace and security. The workshop will cover such topics as:

- the need for equal and full participation of women at all levels of decision-making in the interests of peace, security and development;

- creation of favorable conditions for the participation of women, including through the exchange of best practices exemplified by the activities of women peacekeepers networks, the initiatives to strengthen the role of women in the security, law and order sector;

- results of the implementation of the National Action Plans on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 and prospects for further work;

- topical issues of improving access to justice, taking into account gender statistics, as well as analysis of law enforcement and judicial practice.

Experts and women's movement activists of Kyrgyzstan will address the participants from governmental and non-governmental international organizations, universities and mass media in the course of the general discussion.

Lab “Documentaries: realities and perspectives”
8 November 2017, 14:00-18:00

Venue: Dom kino, Bishkek, 13 Logvinenko Str.
Experts: Andre Kuhn, Director of Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival, Germany; cinematographers Frank Amann/ Germany, Janyl Jusupjan/ Switzerland, Guido Freddi/ Italy.

This event will be held to develop cooperation between human rights documentary film festivals of different countries on local, Central Asian and international levels, as well as to strengthen the festival partner network. The representatives of the film festivals from Russia, Germany and Kyrgyzstan, Union of Cinematographers, and Department of cinematographers under the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism will take part at this event.

Within the frame of lab, the master-class will be conducted to raise the level of knowledge and skills of young Kyrgyz filmmakers on instruments and methodology of creation of the quality documentary film focused on human rights issues.

This event will provide a unique opportunity for collaboration with the well-known international documentarians, who will cover the modern instruments and techniques of creation of the quality documentary film in accordance with the international standards.

Lab “Equal Rights – Equal Opportunities”
9November 2017, 09:30-13:00

f1 engVenue: Evropa Hotel, Bishkek, 70 Ibraimov Str.

Experts: Andre Kuhn/ Director of Nuremberg International Human Rights Film Festival/ Germany; Frank Amann/ Cinematographer and Film Director/ Germany; Ukei Muratalieva/ Chairman of OO “Nazik kyz”/Kyrgyzstan

This event is held to eliminate stigma in society towards people with disabilities through the demonstration of successful examples of involving people with disabilities in any field of activity. German, Kazakh and Kyrgyz experts will hold sessions on involving and motivating people with disabilities into cultural, social and creative activities.


Lab “Protection of Labor Migrants’ Rights and Preventive Measures against Human Trafficking”
8 November 2017, 10:00-13:00

f3 engVenue: Business-center “Victory”, Bishek, 103 Ibraimov Str.

Experts: Kasymalieva A. K./ Delegate of Jogorky Kenesh of the KR, Zhunusov B. T./ Ex-Ambassoo of the Kyrgyz Republic in Russia, Aina Shormanbaeva/ President of PF “International Law Initiative”, Olga Abramenko/ Expert of ADC “Memorial”, Muatar Haidarova/ Member of the Council of experts/ counsels of the International Centre for Non-profit Law in Central Asia (ICNL,LLC), Member of the expert panel on freedom of associations and meetings of ODIHR, Geneveiev Colas/ Coordinator of the network “Together against Human Trafficking”, Caritas France, Marhaba Halmurzaeva/ Monitoring Mission in Central Asia.

This lab will serve as a platform to discuss the current situation and problems of the rights of internal and external migrants with the specific focus on women and children, after joining the EAEU, in the changing environment of the recent political processes. In addition, the lab will cover the problems and threats of human trafficking arising due to the activation of the labor migration. The lab’s participants, including migrants, human rights defenders, experts, representatives of the diplomatic missions and state organs will define the main priority course line of the mutual cooperation on protection and promotion of labor migrants’ rights, victims of human trafficking, as well as on issues of application of recommendations of the contractual UN organs and ratification of the ILO Convention on labor migrants’ rights on regional and international levels.

Lab “Economy Growth through Regions Development”
9 November 2017, 10:00-13:00

f4 engVenue: Ministry of Economy, Bishkek, 106 Chui Avenue.

Experts: Chinara Aitbaeva, Director of PF “Nash vek”

This lab will be held to discuss and develop the innovative instruments for regions development in Kyrgyzstan. The representatives of Fund of Regions Development in five regions of Kyrgyzstan (Ala-Buka, Chatkal, Talas, Issyk-Kul and Chui) will debate on issues, how to effectively use the revenues of the mining companies in order to reach the long-term social and economic effect for the country development.


Lab “Ecologic Rights of Citizens: Problems and Solutions”
9 November 2017, 09:00-13:00

f5 engVenue: Bishkek, conference room in Bishkekglavarchitectura, 185 Chokmorov Str.

Experts: Kalicha Umuralieva/ Director of PF “Our Right”/ Kyrgyzstan, Diana Afanasieva/ Dmitri Vetoshkin/ Ecologist of PA “Initiative Archa”/ Kyrgyzstan

This workshop will create a platform for discussing the environmental rights situation in Kyrgyzstan. Problems of national legislation with regard to the realization of the constitutional right of citizens to favorable living conditions will be discussed. How does the state create conditions for the realization of this right? Does the current state of Bishkek correspond to the expectations of citizens with regard to the realization of their environmental rights? The ecologists from the public association "Archa Initiative" will try to answer this question. The workshop participants will also be able to receive answers to these and other questions from the journalistic investigations conducted by PF "Our Law". The workshop participants will discuss the main question - what to do to protect their environmental rights? They will determine the main priority directions of joint activities to protect and promote environmental rights.

Lab “Human Rights Defenders and Justice”
10 November 2017, 09:00-13:00

f6 engVenue: Evropa Hotel, Bishkek, 70 Ibraimov Str.

Experts: Olga Abramenko/ Expert of ADC “Memorial”, Ales Belyatski/ Director of the Human Rights Centre “Vyasna”/ Belarus, Irena Lasota/ President of Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe, Aziza Abdrasulova/ Director of PF “Kylym Shamy”, Inga Sikorskaya/ Director of the School of Peacemaking and Media Technology in Central Asia/ Kyrgyzstan, Abdymomun Mamaraimov/ Chairman of PF "Voice of Freedom".

Agenda of the lab will include analysis of the current situation of human rights defenders in the world, their prosecution and measures for their protection with assistance and commitment of the international human rights organizations. The lab will be an effective platform for establishing constructive dialogue and partnership development between NGO sector, Government and international human rights organizations, such as FIDH, UN OHCHR, OSCE, ODIHR, Civicus solidarity.

Lab “Dialogue of Generations: Youth and Democracy Development in the Kyrgyz Republic”

f1 engVenue: Evropa Hotel, Bishkek, 70 Ibraimov Str.

Experts: Irena Lasota/ President of Institute for Democracy in Eastern Europe/ USA, Ales Belyatski/ Director of the Human Rights Centre “Vyasna”/ Belarus, Olga Abramenko/ Expert of ADC “Memorial”, / Member of the Council of experts/ counsels of the International Centre for Non-profit Law in Central Asia (ICNL,LLC), Member of the expert. Moderator: Asel Usupova/ Project Manager of Child Rights Defenders' League Public Foundation.

The lab will serve as a platform to establish the dialogue between the delegates of Jogorku Kenesh, international experts and youth of Kyrgyzstan, aiming to engage youth in the decision-making process, promote the democracy values, as well as rule of law. The issues on the role of the youth organizations in formation of leadership and civil society will be raised.

The well-known expert on Caucasus and Central Asia Irena Lasota will provide lectures on development of horizontal leadership for the students of and young leaders of Kyrgyzstan, including Youth Parliament.

The laboratory results with innovation ideas will be presented through video for regional partnership and cooperation development.