Elaboration of the Bir Duino mission was a long process, involving several discussions of the focus groups, members of the Bir Duino Governance body and team, as well as numerous consultations with experts and specialists. All respondents of the online survey said that the work and programs areas of BDK correspond to the organization’s mission very well. “Bir Duino is at the forefront of the international and regional discourse on human rights, uniting coalitions of the human rights activists of the most diverse levels”.

Mission of the “Human Rights Movement: Bir Duino-Kyrgyzstan” is to protect human rights with close attention to the freedom of associations and advocacy of the political space for the human rights defenders in Kyrgyzstan through culture and art.

The main goal of BDK is to support the practical application of the humanitarian articles of the Final Act of the Helsinki of the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe, taken in 1975, other international legal documents, developed for their implementation, as well as other obligations of Kyrgyzstan in the field of human rights and basic freedoms.

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